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Whether caring for your garden is your biggest hobby or a bit lower on your list of priorities, there’s always an unloved nook or cranny that could be improved with just a little bit of effort. It’s easy to make a big change and we’ll give you some tips on how you can freshen your garden up.

If it’s a splash of colour you’re after, we have lots to pick from - just choose what’s right for you. From bright, bold yellows and pinks to tasteful and elegant blues, there’s a colour that will turn a cobwebbed corner into a fantastic focal point.

You can use it almost anywhere, too. Grab a brush and you’ll spot opportunities all over the place: so highlight brickwork, brighten up tired-looking metal, and give woodwork a whole new look. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to make a big difference with a few vivid colours.


Sometimes the thing that’s missing is a bit of greenery, and climbing plants are the perfect way to add life to a dull wall. This post by the Royal Horticultural Society is packed with excellent advice and simple-to-follow care instructions. 

Autumn is a great time to plant climbing plants — and if you pick the right one, they will even do the work for you. The Virginia creeper, for example, will brighten up a wall with beautiful colour, and it’ll cling to the wall all by itself, so you’ll not need to do any training, tying or knotting.

Regardless of size, plenty of gardens are surrounded by wooden fencing. In fact, you might be so used to looking at your fence that you probably don’t notice the effect it has on the character of your garden. However, tatty or greying woodwork can leave you feeling boxed in.

So don’t get surrounded by drab and uninspiring panels — you can quickly spruce them up with a protective, colourful treatment.

If time’s tight and you’re looking for a quick fix, get the job done in a flash with our Precision Finish Power Sprayer. Just find the Sprayable Fence Life colour that’s right for you, pour the liquid into the tub, or clip it to the Fence Life tub, and spray.

The fences will have an even, protective coating in no time — especially great if you've got a lot of fences. Top tip: make sure the weather is dry and still — you don’t want the wind spoiling your handiwork!

If you have a bit more time to spend on your fences, you might want to consider 5 Year Weather Defence Fence Life — it only needs an extra coat, but will waterproof, colour and protect your fence for up to five years.

Check out the rest of the our garden range and turn your unloved corners into a feature!


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