BBQ Season is back!

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It's nearly the summer holidays and the weather has finally picked up.

How can you improve on a summer afternoon in the garden with friends and family? Well, a sizzling barbecue full of food is a good start.

A proper barbecue means lots different tasty food. Careful kitchen hygiene is a must when preparing raw fish and meat. Wooden food prep surfaces can harbour bacteria like E Coli and MRSA, but our Anti-bacterial Worktop Oil makes it easy to protect your family.

The oil contains silver, which is naturally anti-bacterial. This creates a protective, waterproofing barrier that stops bacterial growth for up to 6 months. It’s easy to apply, it’ll nourish your wood without colouring it — leaving your surface with a clear, protective coating.


Once your kitchen is safe and clean, you can get stuck into the best bit — getting stuck into the food. We’ve rounded up three top food bloggers’ recipes to make sure your BBQ is the envy of your neighbours. All these recipes are simple, quick, and — most importantly — delicious.

Chicken is a barbecue favourite— and as anyone who’s ever bitten into a dried-out drumstick knows, it’s a difficult meat to cook well. Jamie Oliver knows how to make it a piece of cake, and his BBQ Thai Chicken is so easy and tasty, it’ll knock your socks off.

If you sling some salmon on the barbecue, your hungry family will form an orderly queue. They’ll keep coming back if you rustle up Swasthi’s grilled Indian salmon. It’s got a thick, sweet marinade which isn’t just tasty — it’s smart too, protecting the fish from the flames.

Barbecues don’t always mean piles of meat and fish. Food blog Love and Lemons has a vegetable skewers recipe with a spicy chilli and lime oil — a must-try for vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

The fun part of a barbecue is serving your food outdoors — but no-one wants to be sitting on dirty chairs at a weathered old table as they tuck in. It’s a cinch to bring your furniture back to life with our Hardwood Garden Furniture Oil. It’ll stop your wood from greying by protecting it from the inside out — and is dry within two hours, so you can have all your guests seated in comfort.

If you want to give it a different look, take a look at our Garden Paint video to give you some fresh ideas for the summer.


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