How to Choose the Right Primer for the Job

To make sure you get the perfect finish, first apply one of these. 

You may think the jobs boring, but without it, your paint will end up looking like this. 

Our One Coat Wood Primer & Undercoat is designed for wood as it's extremely flexible, and in just 2 hours you can paint over it. 

Then there's our knot block, you won't find anything else like it. 

It stops problems like this. You're going to need 2 coats but you'll never see those knots again. 

Finally there's our all surface. It's a good all rounder, it preps just about anything. 

You can either spray it on with the aerosol, or paint using one coat. 

Of course, which ever one you choose you'll paint over it but it's still there doing it's job.

Ronseal. Does exactly what it says on the tin. 

Products used

Wood Primer

One Coat Wood Primer and Undercoat

Our Wood Primer & Undercoat helps your paint stick, covers bold colours and dark marks in just One Coat.

Knoct Block Primer

Knot Block Wood Primer and Undercoat

To stop knots showing through your paint use Ronseal Knot Block Wood Primer and Undercoat. It's ready to paint over in 4 hours.

All Surface Primer

One Coat All Surface Primer and Undercoat

Our All Surface Primer & Undercoat gets almost any surface ready for painting in just One Coat.

Where will you be working?