How to makeover your Kitchen

With our Cupboard and Tile Paints, taking your kitchen from looking old and dated to fresh and modern doesn’t need to cost alot.

Preparation (Cupboards)

Prepare the surface by giving them a quick sand and then wipe them down with white spirit.
Don’t forget to take off the handles.


Give the paint a good stir and then use a brush to put it on.
For the best finish, apply the paint in long smooth strokes.
If you’re painting panelled doors, start with the inside panel first.

Preparation (Tiles)

Give them a quick wipe down and if there’s any stubborn dirt, you can use our Grout Cleaner.


First give the paint a good stir, then grab your brush and apply the paint evenly to the tiles.
Don’t worry about grout lines, you can go over them later with our Grout Pen.
For best results, leave the paint to dry over night.
Ronseal. Does exaclty what it says on the tin.

Products used


One Coat Cupboard Paint

If you want to update your kitchen, without the cost of a new one, try our One Coat Cupboard Paint.

42 - Tile-Paint-750ml

One Coat Tile Paint

Refresh tired looking tiles with our One Coat Tile Paint, it's waterproof and mould resistant - perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. Just pick a colour!

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