How to Protect Your Walls from Stains

It doesn't take long for your freshly painted walls to get stained, especially in a busy home. Our stain guard protects your paint from stains, keeping your walls looking their best for longer.


  1. You can either use a brush or a roller to apply the paint to the wall. Don’t worry if it looks a bit white, once it’s dried it’ll be clear.
  2. Give the paint a good stir and then get loads of it on your brush.
  3. Apply it to the wall, making sure that you don’t spread it out too thinly.
  4. Then leave it to dry. Even though you can’t see it, it’s there working , keeping your paint clean and stains can be easily wiped away.

Ronseal. Does exactly what it says on the tin.

Products used

OC Stain v4

One Coat Stain Guard Clear Coat

Our One Coat Stain Guard is a clear coat that protects your paint from stains. Ideal for areas that are always getting dirty, marked or stained. You put it over your paint, so once you’re finished that’s it.

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