How To Revive Your Grey Deck

If your decking is looking worn and grey, don't worry you don't have to replace it, you can make it look great again.

Some decking needs more than just a cleaner to do this, they need our Decking Restorer. It brightens your grey deck bringing it back to its former glory.


Before you start, brush away any dirt or moss off your deck.


Start by putting our Decking Restorer on a small section of your deck at a time, it can be quite slippy while it's working, so be careful.

Make sure you put loads on, then just leave it to do the hard work for you.

After 15 minutes, give the deck a good scrub with a tough bristle brush. Then, hose it down or blast it with a jet wash if you have one available before leaving to dry.


Your decking will now have a new lease of life, check out our how to protect decking video to keep your deck looking great.

Ronseal. Does exactly what it says on the tin.

Products used

Decking Restorer 2.5L_2012

Decking Restorer

Save your grey weathered decking with our Decking Restorer! Leave it 15 minutes and it will transform your decking to look like new.


Perfect Finish Ultimate Protection Decking Stain

Here's a pack that has everything you need to protect your decking. A pad, pole and the stain. It gets the job done 5 X faster than a brush. All you need, is to pick a colour

Ultimate Decking Oil_2.5L_2012

Ultimate Protection Decking Oil

Give your decking a natural look and keep it protected from the weather. This is rainproof in 90 minutes, and lasts twice as long as standard Decking Oils. Job done!

Decking Protector 5L_2012

Decking Protector

Protect your decking from splitting and turning grey. All you need is a day of good weather.

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