How to Stop Damp Coming Through your Paint Work

It goes without saying, if you've got damp, it won't look great and it'll probably smell.

Ignoring it won't make it go away, so that means you've got a job to do.

But before you start decorating over it, make sure you've fixed the cause, or it'll just come back. See our How to find and fix your damp problem' video if you're not sure.

Then use Damp Seal. It'll seal your wall and stop any further damp coming through and damaging your newly painted or decorated wall.


First, get your surface ready. It doesn't need to be dry, just make sure it's not dripping wet. If there's mould, clean it away with our Mould Killer.


Then grab a brush (a synthetic brush would be best) and put a nice thick coat over and around the damp. That's it. After 4 hours, you can decorate over it and forget it was ever there.

Ronseal. Does exactly what it says on the tin.

Products used

33 - Damp-Seal-1L

One Coat Damp Seal

Our One Coat Damp Seal is best used after fixing the cause of the damp, to make sure it won't come through your paint work.

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