How to Strip Old Paint from Your Garden Furniture

We’ll show you how to get your garden furniture back to new in just thirty minutes.
First, choose a warm dry day.
Dust your furniture down, making sure to get rid of any dirt. Cover any areas you don’t want to get stripper on with a dust sheet.
Grab a brush and put loads of stripper on. Leave it to work.
When it’s working, it doesn’t blister or fizz.
After half an hour, scrape it with something sharp, like a pallet knife. When it comes away easily, your ready to go.
Give your furniture a good scrub in both directions, that’ll loosen it right up.
Add a little water, then scrub your furniture again. Use a pallet knife to get to the areas your brush can’t reach.
Then give it a good wash down to get rid of any leftover paint or stripper.
Once dry, you’ll be ready to protect it.
Ronseal. Does exactly what it says on the tin.

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