How do I use it?

Areas of use: Indoors
Where will you be working?
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Ronseal Quick Drying Smooth Finish Filler

Our Quick Drying Filler is the ultimate, convenient multi purpose filler. It’s touch dry in just 30 minutes, providing a smooth, even finish. 

Before You Start

Ensure surface and cracks are clean, dry and free from dust, grease and other contamination.

Using Your Filler

Push the filler firmly into the hole or crack. You should leave the filler slightly raised above the wood to make sure the repair is filled. Before it dries, smooth it with a wet knife. Fill bigger holes above 10mm, build the filler up in layers. Smooth over the filler with the Ronseal applicator or a wet knife before it dries.

After 30 minutes it will be dry.

Usage Areas: Plaster, stone, concrete and wood.
Compatibility: Fills holes up to 10mm deep.
Clean Up: Clean all tools in warm, soapy water.