Interior Wood and Furniture

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Soft Feel. Tough as varnish.


Interior Wood and Furniture

Those knocks, scuffs and spills will damage your wooden doors or furniture. Protect them and they’ll stay looking great for longer.

varnishes,waxes and oils

Varnishes, Waxes and Oils

There are 3 different ways to protect your interior wood. Our Varnish gives rich colour and will feel smooth. Our Wax is lightly tinted and will leave your wood feeling natural. Both give the same Diamond Hard protection. Our Oil nourishes the wood, but you'll need to use it more often to keep your wood protected

PF Interior Varnish 750_2013

Perfect Finish Interior Varnish

Our Perfect Finish Interior Varnish comes with a Perfect Finish Pad, so it will help save you time and achieve a fantastic result.


Interior Varnish

Our Interior Varnish gives great protection against knocks, scuffs and scratches.


Interior Wax

Our quick drying Interior Wax protects like a varnish, and leaves wood looking natural. It's easy to use, so you can get the job done with no mess!

Antibacterial Worktop Oil

Anti-Bacterial Worktop Oil

Our Anti-Bacterial Worktop Oil prevents bacterial growth on wooden surfaces, giving it a nourishing clear coating. For best results use twice a year.

Ultra Tough Hardglaze

Ultra Tough Varnish

Protect frequently used wood with our traditional Ultra Tough Varnish. It gives clear protection against knocks, scuffs, scratches and spills.


All of our paints are tough, durable & do exactly what they say on the tin. So whatever finish you want, we guarantee it'll last. Keeping your indoor wood looking its best for longer. So you won't have to redo it anytime soon!

Stays White 2in1 primer 750_2015 (1)

Ronseal Stays White 2in1 Primer & Paint

Our Stays White 2in1 Primer & Paint is the easiest way to paint bare or worn interior wood.

Stays White OC Non Drip Paint 750_2015 Gloss

Ronseal Stays White Non Drip One Coat Paint

Our Stays White Non Drip One Coat Paint does just that. Perfect if you don't have much time.

Ultra Tough SATIN

Ronseal Stays White Ultra Tough Paint

This is our toughest wood paint. It'll give your wood the ultimate protection against knocks and scrapes. Keeping your home looking its best for longer - ideal if you’ve got kids or pets or both!

Chalky Furniture Paint 750ml

Ronseal Chalky Furniture Paint

This Chalk Paint doesn't just look good. It stands up to knocks and scuffs too.

Primer Image purple


We know this is the boring bit. But trust us, preparing your wood will help your paint stick and last longer. It'll also cover any bold colours or dark marks.

Knoct Block Primer

Knot Block Wood Primer and Undercoat

To stop knots showing through your paint use Ronseal Knot Block Wood Primer and Undercoat. It's ready to paint over in 4 hours.

All Surface Primer

One Coat All Surface Primer and Undercoat

Our All Surface Primer & Undercoat gets almost any surface ready for painting in just One Coat.

Wood Primer

One Coat Wood Primer and Undercoat

Our Wood Primer & Undercoat helps your paint stick, covers bold colours and dark marks in just One Coat.

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