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Areas of use: Indoors
Interior Grout Lines

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Ronseal Grout Cleaner

Our Grout Cleaner uses a powerful cleaner and applicator to break down stains caused by mould, limescale and grime making it easy to revive your discoloured grout.

Before You Start

Cover any painted, metallic or varnished surfaces as this could lead to discolouration. Open your doors and windows for ventilation. 

Using Your Grout Cleaner

1. Unscrew the grout cleaner brush and cut of the nib. Do not cut the screw thread. Reattach the brush head. 

2. Squeeze and brush the Grout Cleaner onto the grout lines, start with the vertical lines and move onto the horizontal lines. 

3. Ensure all of the grout is saturated and leave to stand for 5 minutes.

4. Holding the brush firmly, scrub the grout clean. 

5. Once the area is clean, rinse with warm water and leave to dry.

Usage Areas: All interior grout lines. 
Clean Up: Rinse any cloths or sponges in warm, soapy water.