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Areas of use: Indoors
Satin and Gloss
Drying time
2 Hours

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Very effective by Vicki

We wanted to refresh a dated kitchen without going to too much expense. We painted the cabinet doors and used ronseal white satin on the tiled areas. The tiles were previously a strong beige colour with flowers on... the ronseal tile paint is a thick gloopy paint and due to the strength of the underlying colour i put on two coats. The effect is fantastic. The coverage is smooth with no evidence of brush strokes at all. Once I had added in the grout lines with a grout pen as recommended on the tin, the kitchen looked light, clean and airy, and the tiles looked brand new and certainly not like they had been painted. I would highly recommend this product.

Date submitted by: 23 May 2015

Too difficult to apply by Utility room

Cleaned lightly patterned and light colour wall tiles thoroughly but ronseal white satin tile paint is very thick and difficult to apply and does not cover very well. Gave up after 45 mins having only completed 2m2! Not a cheap product so very DISAPPOINTED will not be using this product again!

Date submitted by: 16 April 2015

doesn't do what it says on the tin by S Morris

We used this in our Kitchen, Dreadful coverage, product came off and The Cobalt dried with a BLUE tinge. Not happy. Easter Weekend wasted removing tile paint. WENT and bought V33 as recommended by neighbour which worked perfect.

Date submitted by: 13 April 2015

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Ronseal One Coat Tile Paint

Ronseal One Coat Tile Paint will rejuvenate and transform your kitchen and bathroom tiles leaving a highly durable, waterproof and mould resistant finish. 

Before You Start

Clean any surrounding grout lines with our Ronseal Grout Cleaner and wipe with a lint free cloth. Ensure all damaged areas of grout are repaired and give tiles a thorough clean with bleach and wipe down. Open your doors and windows for ventilation. 

Using Your Tile Paint

Stir the paint well before use. Apply one coat working into the grout line and finishing each tile with a vertical stroke.
A second coat may be required there is a significant colour change or if tiles are heavily patterned. Leave 24 hours between each coat. 

After 24 hours redefine the grout line with our Ronseal One Coat Grout Pen.

Usage Areas: All interior tiles.
Compatibility: Bare or previously painted tiles.
Clean Up: Clean all brushes in white spirit or brush cleaner.