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Our Trade range is the first full woodcare range to receive a BBA accreditation. To find out more about the BBA click here. 


Woodstains & Exterior Varnish

Colour and protect exterior wood with our woodstain and clear varnish. Our 5 Year Woodstain is guaranteed to last for 5 years on your exterior wood and has been approved by the BBA. 

Trade Crystal Clear Varnish

Crystal Clear Exterior Varnish

Our Crystal Clear Varnish has been created to give you lasting protection on exterior wood without the yellowing that can be caused by other varnishes.

Trade 5Yr Woodstain

5 Year Woodstain

Our 5 Year Woodstain is approved by the BBA to colour and protect exterior wood for 5 years.

Shed & Fence Treatments

Protect sheds and fences from the weather with our Fencing Stain.

Trade Fencing Stain

Fencing Stain

Our Fencing Stain is one coat and showerproof in 1-2 hours, with increased levels of wax to help repel moisture and protect from discoloration from the sun.



Decking can be a focal point of any job. Protect it from greying and splitting with our Decking Protector. 

Trade Decking Protector

Decking Protector

Waterproof any decking whilst protecting from greying and splitting. Our Decking Protector will add a hint of natural colour as well.


Make sure your wood stays in good condition with our Preserver. It protects your wood from damage and decay.

Trade Wood Preserver

Total Wood Preserver

Traditional, solvent based preservers. Prevent against rot, decay and wood discolouring funghi. They also protect against woodworm attack.


Interior Varnish & Oil

Protect interior wood with our Oil and Varnishes, all of which have been awarded BBA accreditation. 

Trade Quick Dry Varnish

Quick Dry Interior Varnish

Our water based Quick Drying Interior Varnish helps to protect from knocks and scuffs whilst adding color to interior wood.

Trade Polyurethane Hardglaze Varnish

Polyurethane Varnish

Our Polyurethane Varnishes are traditional solvent based varnishes that’s gives a mellow finish and protect against hard knocks and scuffs.

Trade Danish Oil

Danish Oil

Our Danish Oil nourishes and restores wood. Adding a natural finish and protecting against knocks, scuffs and scratches.


Protect interior flooring from knocks and scratches. Tough protection with a satin sheen for all wooden flooring large or small. 

Trade Ultra Tough Floor Varnish

Ultra Tough Floor Varnish

Our Ultra Tough Floor Varnish gives long lasting protection to interior wooden floors from scuffs, knocks and scratches.

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